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SPONSOR… Elite brands do their part. Support creativity and foster community. Share their built-in social media network with indie artists.


HOST… Fanatics further promote indie artists.


WATCH… Discover new voices. Please remember to tip*.


COLLABORATE… Bands, brands, and fans put on a virtual event.

Whatever your gift is, getting somewhere with it is hard. In our experience, it takes having a network of the right people working together in unconventional ways to make magic happen.

That's why BlocIn is developing a platform that turns brands (and fans) into micro moguls!

With a BlocEvent, indie artists can tap into a brand's established social media fanbase so they can grow their own niche audience.

BlocEvents work for everyone, not just indie artists. So be creative and stand out from the crowd.

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* Hosts and sponsors receive a small commission on merchandise sold. Tips are virtual and have no monetary value. BlocIn is in beta testing and constantly searching for innovative ways to add value to your tips.

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